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6 Things you need to know as an SEO Copywriter

To be an SEO Copywriter, there are qualities you must possess. It is being said that traffic is the blood of the online market. It is not only in online business that we need traffic but in all areas of business endeavour. By saying traffic, we mean the influx of people available to consider your market. People go to the market to sell because of the presence of people at that particular location. Likewise, people go there to buy because of the understanding that sellers are many and they will be able to make their choices. This is also so in online business, you need the traffic to make it work for your online store to be alive.

The experts that operate in this aspect of digital marketing are who we referred to as SEO Copywriters. SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization, a mechanism that makes your website to be readily visible on the google page which will make tons of people come to your website.

So in light of that, if you want to be an SEO Copywriter or you are looking for an expert in this field, here are 6 tips or qualities you need. Anyone claiming to be ‘SEO Copywriter’, ‘Website Copywriter’, ‘Internet Copywriter’ or ‘Online Copywriter’ must possess these qualities to be believed of his or her claim.  

1. An Understanding of SEO

There are essentials knowledge in the area of Search engine Optimization that a copywriter should be aware of and understood.  They should realize that ranking on the search engine is basically the outcome of both relevance ie keywords and importance ie inbound links. There are other factors aside of these two, however, if you really want to be an SEO Copywriter, you need to have an understanding of these two.  On the other hand, if you are looking for an expert in SEO writing without an understanding of these key factors, I think you shouldn’t border to waste your money.

2. Cogent Experience

Experience in SEO is not built in a day. However, if you want to be an expert especially in offering this service to your clients, you will need to start writing on your own blog first. This, of course, will give you the morale to win the heart of your clients as you show them the articles or sites you have been able to bring to the first page of the search engine platform by your expertise. If you are looking for an expert in this field also to work for you, it will not be sufficient that your SEO marketing specialist can talk the talk; he should be able to walk the walk too. Request to see a few instances of sites for which they’ve gotten some great rankings. Note that it could be undeniably challenging to track down an SEO marketing specialist who has really chipped away at keywords and link building, so in the event that you discover one who has, and they compose well, hold him tight! He or she will have exceptionally wide and valuable working information on website indexes.

3. A comprehension of the number of keywords to utilize

You would prefer not to top each page off with each keyword you’re focusing on. This essentially weakens your site’s importance and diminishes the visibility of your site. Ask yourself the number of keywords you would want to focus on each page. Ideally, 3 keywords are recommended, or preferably 2. By focusing on 2 keywords or phrases for each page, you can utilize them a great deal without affecting the clarity of your message.

4. Keywords or keyword phrases

Research extensively on the relevant keywords you want to use. There is software you can use to achieve that. Some of them are semrush, keywordpro, Google key Planners, etc. For example, there are some keywords that are highly competitive while we have some that are low competition. It is advisable to pick from low competitive keywords

5. Density targets and measure

Optimization of a page isn’t a probability. A decent SEO copywriter will discuss density measures. This is a proportion of the quantity of time the keywords show up on the page. It’s communicated as a level of the complete word count of the page. So if your page has 100 words, and your keywords show in 5 times, its density is 5%. As a guideline, you as an SEO marketing expert ought to focus on a density of around 5% for your essential keywords expression and 3-5% for your supporting keywords state. Ensure you comprehend keywords density.

6. Keywords Positioning

The topic of keywords arrangement has been the subject of much discussion among SEO experts. While it is as yet indistinct how much effect the arrangement has, there is an overall agreement that it has some effect.  Many experts believe that having keywords are in your headings, bolded text, links, and by and large at the start of the page is more successful in the event that they show up.

In conclusion

Being an expert in the copywriting business is not a day job. You have got to learn and relearn while leveraging on the application outside there to ensure that you rank fast on the search engine.



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