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SM Digital World is a digital marketing agency with expertise in Website Traffic Generation through robust tools of SEO, Social Media Management, Backlink Generation, Email Marketing/Lead Generation and the likes;  Video Ads Creation, through animated natural images, Whiteboard, Life Explainer and Spokesperson; and Website both Corporate and Ecommerce /App Development – Android & IOS





Frequently asked questions

Before payment, it is advisable you get in touch with us, so that we can ask some questions about your company or services to aid us know the best way to serve you. Once the information needed is gotten about payment, we begin our work for immediate positive effect on your business or immediate action on your request.

It depends on your request. There are some request we deliver within 24hours like Facebook Business page creation, Ads Creation, and other simpler requests. There are some that takes 3-5 days. We can also be your facebook or Social Media Manager for a year or more as you want it with daily engangement.

Yes, we accept all forms of payment locally, either by transfer or payment to our bank account if in Nigeria. Other countries are to use their cards for payment. We also accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Entherum only) by request into our wallets.

Check our contact and email us. Our team shall respond to your inquiries within 24hours. You can also chat with one of our representatives

At the moment, NO, however, we cherish a good competent. Kindly send us your resume on careers@smdigitalworld.com

SM Digital World can serve you irrespective of your location. Contact Us Now

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